How we met

Love brought us together—Harlequin’s Everlasting Love® imprint, that is.

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, but rather a hot and steamy Atlanta evening when each of us arrived at one of Harlequin’s legendary author parties.  The champagne was bubbling, the chocolate fountain flowing and the DJ ramping up the dance tunes as we stepped across the threshold.  Linda was a total neophyte who didn’t know a soul in the room except her editor.  Geri and Ann had known each other since the days when they both lived in the Pacific Northwest and were aspiring authors and members of Peninsula Romance Writers.  We were all at the party because we’d signed with Harlequin to write for Everlasting Love®.

The connections among us started firing thanks to Geri, who has the uncanny ability to start conversations with total strangers that transform into emotionally bonding experiences complete with hugs and tears.  She recognized Linda as one of the Everlasting Love® authors and introduced her to Ann, whose first novel, A Texas State of Mind, was a finalist for the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award.  Linda was awe-struck, but also remembers part of the conversation revolving around the decision to wear or not wear pantyhose on this particularly humid night.

That was five years ago.  Our introduction to one another, steeped in awe, sweat and the excitement of being new authors on the cusp of our writing careers, has deepened into a friendship bound by laughter, honesty and loyalty.

We have shared not only curly hair products, celebrations to launch our books and marathon phone calls to work through stumbling blocks in our stories, but also those life events that define us as women and find their way into our novels.

What we also share is our passion for the stories we wrote for Everlasting Love®.  The line had a brief life in print, but is rising, phoenix-like, thanks to the virtual immortality afforded to our words via e-books.

Why are we so passionate about these titles, you may ask.  Let us tell you. . .

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