Rainy Days and Tuesdays? On Keeping an Open Mind…

This week, yes. We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday yesterday. It reminded me of my motivation to write my second novel, What Family Means, an interracial romance set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement in Buffalo, New York. It’s one thing to espouse ideals, another to live them. I was a little girl during that tumultuous time in American history, but when I wrote about my characters I was there with them. Through every old news article and first-person account I was able to read during my research, I felt the tension, the obvious need for change in our great nation but the unfortunate resistance to it, too.
It’s not only through reading books that I’ve learned about history and am reminded to keep an open mind. As my mother always said, “never judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes.” Reading books and writing books affords me a precious glimpse into another’s life. And if I do my job right, it gives you, the reader, the same opportunity.

Icicles in Moscow..not unlike Buffalo, NY